Money Hacks Carnival #70

Welcome to the 70th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival, hosted here at Blogging Banks. The Carnival theme is Banking! My site is dedicated to identifying the best cd rates, checking and savings accounts and most importantly how to make extra money with bank bonuses.

First I wanted to thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions.

I highlighted the best article in each category as my editors picks.


David presents If You Could Pick Your Benefits At Work, What Would You Pick? posted at My Two Dollars.

Debt & Credit

MoneyNing presents Multiple Ways to Skin Zero Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.


Tiffany Colter presents Time for Personal Responsibility posted at The Balanced Life.

Frugality & Saving Money

Lazy Man presents Save Money on Groceries posted at Lazy Man and Money.


passive family income presents 30 Healthy Reasons to Create Passive Income posted at Passive Family Income.


jim presents Best Online Brokers posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.



A bank is a financial institution licensed by a government. Its primary activities include borrowing and lending money. Many other financial activities were allowed over time. For example banks are important players in financial markets and offer financial services such as investment funds. In some countries such as Germany, banks have historically owned major stakes in industrial corporations while in other countries such as the United States banks are prohibited from owning non-financial companies.

Banks act as payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts for customers, paying cheques drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting cheques deposited to customers' current accounts. Banks also enable customer payments via other payment methods such as telegraphic transfer, EFTPOS, and ATM.


MLR presents Use Google Apps to Start Your Business for Less posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life.

CJ presents Should you buy a smartphone? posted at Wise Money Matters.

Todd Metheny presents Craigslist as a hiring tool posted at The Personal Finance Playbook.

Money Beagle presents Resume Tip Number 1: Proofread Your Personal Information posted at Money Beagle.

Miss M presents $100k and Underpaid? posted at M is for Money.

Bank statements are accounting records produced by banks under the various accounting standards of the world. Under GAAP and IFRS there are two kinds of accounts: debit and credit. Credit accounts are Revenue, Equity and Liabilities. Debit Accounts are Assets and Expenses. This means you credit a credit account to increase its balance, and you debit a debit account to increase its balance

Debt & Credit

Four Pillars presents Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Method Of Debt Repayment posted at Four Pillars.

Raj Patel presents Foreclosures Unabated posted at DebtGoal.

BrandonLaughridge presents Microloans in Senegal, Sudan, and now…San Francisco posted at Mortgage Loan Blog.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Cash Money Life.

debt kid presents Could You Live Without Debt? posted at

Leave Debt Behind presents How You Can Negotiate Lower Interest Rates on Your Credit Card posted at

Debt Freedom Fighter presents How to Create a Money Management Plan posted at Discover Debt Freedom.

apply4-credit presents What You Purchase Can Change Your Credit Score posted at

Billeater presents Debt Reduction Strategies posted at

MBR presents Consolidate Credit Card Debt:Eliminate Credit Card Debt posted at

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Discover More Card Offers $50 Cash Back Bonus posted at The Digerati Life.

kathryn presents Major Banks? Debt Relief Hotlines Revealed! posted at Out of Debt - Christian Finances and Debt Help.

DR presents What is a Credit Card Balance Transfer - The Dough Roller posted at The Dough Roller.

Barry presents Tips To Pay Your Bills On Time posted at Associate Money.

Paul Kamp presents Debt: Invest in Yours posted at Don't Quit Your Day Job - Personal Finance, Economics and Investing.

Ray @ Financial Highway presents Bad Credit Loans-Tips on How to Spot Scams posted at Financial Highway.

Banks' activities can be divided into retail banking, dealing directly with individuals and small businesses; business banking, providing services to mid-market business; corporate banking, directed at large business entities; private banking, providing wealth management services to high net worth individuals and families; and investment banking, relating to activities on the financial markets. Most banks are profit-making, private enterprises. However, some are owned by government, or are non-profit organizations.


Tiffany Colter presents Time for Personal Responsibility posted at The Balanced Life.

Frugality & Saving Money

Money Savin' Momma presents A cheap and frugal way to finally STOP getting unwanted sales calls on your phone! posted at Engineer a debt free life.

Aryn presents Quick Travel Tip: Book Directly with the Airline to Save Money posted at Sound Money Matters.

Heather Levin presents Frugal Art From Around The Web posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Darwin presents How to Hedge Gas Prices and Put Money Back in your Pocket posted at Darwin's Finance.

Dorian Wales presents The Personal Financier: Personal Finance Management: Budget vs. Net Worth posted at The Personal Financier.

Studenomist presents How To Be a Great Host On a Tight Budget posted at Studenomics.

Save Money presents Save Money By Increasing Your FSA Contributions posted at How I Save

Rags presents 5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Gas posted at From Rags 2 Riches.

Condo Blues presents Make a Garden Border Out of Old Bricks! posted at Condo Blues.

MoneyEnergy presents Save Tons of Money By Eating Super Foods and Power Foods posted at MoneyEnergy.

Shadox presents Gambling Your Finances posted at Money and Such.

Miss Thrifty presents Seven good reasons to shop after seven pm posted at Miss Thrifty.

Lazy Man presents Save Money on Groceries posted at Lazy Man and Money.

d. ninja presents Don't tell my girlfriend, but I'm in love with Craig. posted at Punch Debt In The Face.

Central banks are normally government-owned and charged with quasi-regulatory responsibilities, such as supervising commercial banks, or controlling the cash interest rate. They generally provide liquidity to the banking system and act as the lender of last resort in event of a crisis.


passive family income presents 30 Healthy Reasons to Create Passive Income posted at Passive Family Income.


Mark Wolfinger presents Options for Rookies: I'l Like to Teach the World to Trade Options (Conservatively) posted at Options for Rookies.

Jack Schmidt presents Making Money? "Trust Me: I'm In Real Estate" posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.

D4L presents Five Stocks With A Low Debt To Total Capital posted at Dividends Value.

FMF presents Investment Strategies Part 3: Rebalance Regularly Between Asset Classes and Subcategories posted at Free Money Finance.

Chris McClelland presents Stocks to Retire On posted at Lucrative Investing.

Investing School presents The Rule of 72 posted at Investing School.

Jeff Rose presents What’s in a Number? Choosing a Withdrawal Rate for Your Retirement Assets posted at Jeff Rose.

Dan presents Natural Gas ETF Anomaly - Time to Exploit? posted at Everyday Finance.

MBB presents Best Online Brokers posted at Money Blue Book Blog.

Stock Trading Brokers presents OptionsXpress Review Option Express posted at Stock Trading Brokers.

PT presents 529 Plans: The Smart Way To Save For College posted at Prime Time Money.

Manshu presents The decision to not act posted at OneMint.

Barry presents Buy Gold To Keep Up With Inflation posted at Jeflin's Investment Blog.

Investment banks "underwrite" (guarantee the sale of) stock and bond issues, trade for their own accounts, make markets, and advise corporations on capital marketactivities such as mergers and acquisitions. Merchant banks were traditionally banks which engaged in trade finance. The modern definition, however, refers to banks which provide capital to firms in the form of shares rather than loans. Unlike venture capital firms, they tend not to invest in new companies


FFB presents Use The First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Now! posted at Free From Broke.

Bank Savings Review presents Ally Bank CD Rates (Updated June, 2009) posted at Bank Savings Review.

The Smarter Wallet presents Stock Technical Analysis of the S & P Index posted at The Smarter Wallet.

David R. Lampsen presents Tax Day Discounts: Celebrating the Un-Celebratable posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

A bank generates a profit from the differential between the level of interest it pays for deposits and other sources of funds, and the level of interest it charges in its lending activities. This difference is referred to as thespread between the cost of funds and the loan interest rate. Historically, profitability from lending activities has been cyclical and dependent on the needs and strengths of loan customers. In recent history, investors have demanded a more stable revenue stream and banks have therefore placed more emphasis on transaction fees, primarily loan fees but also including service charges on an array of deposit activities and ancillary services (international banking, foreign exchange, insurance, investments, wire transfers, etc.). Lending activities, however, still provide the bulk of a commercial bank's income.


Relax presents How to become rich posted at The Wise Curve.

J. Money presents Rate Chasing 101: Do you have the personality for it? posted at Budgets are Sexy.

Tim Johnson presents 3 Moving Scams You've Never Heard Of posted at

Praveen presents From a Business Perspective, What's So Great About Twitter, Anyway? posted at My Simple Trading System.

Ben presents Five Financial Pitfalls to Avoid During the Summer posted at

Jeff@StretchyDollar presents Building Financial Momentum posted at StretchyDollar.

Jack Schmidt presents 10 Ways to Fuel Your Own Economy posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.

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